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What do I wear?

You'll be dancing and sweating, and we end on the floor for a meditation, so wear whatever you're comfortable moving and laying down in. We'll be barefoot throughout class. No mats or gear needed, but you might want to bring a journal. We will likely do at least one writing exercise, and plenty of creative sparks have flown during Chakralesque that attendees have wanted to record immediately while the inspiration is fresh!

What if I can't dance?

Chakralesque doesn't require you to have perfect moves or a perfect body. It asks that you hold your movements and body as perfect right where they are! The choreo is simply a guide to access  and align your energy. Awareness is enough to create an impact. Most of the moves are simple and repetitive so you can focus on the intention of your energy, how it impacts your life, and most importantly, having FUN!

what are chakras?

Chakra theory says that in addition to our physical body, we have an energetic body that contains wheels or vortices of energy that correspond to various points along our spinal column and neurological system. Chakralesque will deal with the 7 major chakras. Aligning all 7 is said to positively impact everything from your mood to your bank account. 

Who is this for?

Chakralesque is for every soul inhabiting a body. All gender identities welcome, all levels of experience, all religious beliefs and lack thereof.

 All that's required is an open heart and an open mind (and let's be real - sometimes neither of those fully open until after class). 

Seriously, though. This class is about divine human connection, and our goal is that everyone who walks into the room walks out feeling more in touch with themselves, each other, and their purpose on this planet.

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